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Red Weather


Writer/ Director

Short Film - 3 mins. 

A horror anthology web series where the viewer is taken through the Red Weather to a world of unexplained events and creepy stories.








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This pilot episode of RED WEATHER serves as the pitch for a potential web series from creator Jordan Downey. Simply put, it’s The Twilight Zone or Tales From the Crypt in under 5 minutes. We have developed a number of other episodes and feel that this pilot is a great showcase for the style and tone of the series.


With Red Weather, we aim bring a fun, whimsical nature to anthology horror. With a catchy theme song and memorable title sequence, episodes begin in the “bleeding storm” which departs to reveal the setting of each episode. New characters are introduced, often times unknowingly facing an ironic demise.


Nothing is off limits — monsters, ghouls, killer inanimate objects, dolls and demons are all part of the Red Weather folklore. You’ll never know what’s coming when the storm chooses you.


Driven by mystery and suspense first, Red Weather carries with it a cautionary theme: Be careful what you do, how you treat others and what you say because it might just come back to haunt you.


We hope to share more episodes with you down the road — because in the Red Weather, every storm has a story!

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