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The cult horror comedy comes to life on stage in a hilariously evil new musical.

ThanksKilling: The Musical, which features music by Jeff Thomson and lyrics by Jordan Mann, was conceived in partnership with David Eck and is adapted from the film by Jordan Downey and Kevin Stewart.












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What happens when you take a terrible movie and set out to make an even more terrible musical? Jeff Thomson, Jordan Mann and David Eck decided to find out. All three were serious creators of musical theatre. They had everything that emerging artists need to make a name for themselves, awards, the respect of their peers and no money.

Being serious is all well and good, but every so often, there's a joy in writing something ridiculous, and as they sought a property to adapt, one name axe murdered its way up to the top of their list.

ThanksKilling. A movie about a foul-mouthed homicidal turkey that didn't include Rob Ford.

After seeing the original film of ThanksKilling, all three realized that this Turkey could not only fly. It could sing.

The original film's shoddy brilliance, its deliberately cliched characters, bad acting, terrible puns, absurd premise and keen self awareness are now the stuff of legend and the creators sought to not just polish the turd before them, but to embrace its turdiness and hold it aloft for all the world to see.

After receiving permission from the film's original creators, and embracing the film's "we shot it in a week for no money" essence, Jeff and Jordan wrote the entire show in three days. They were long days, filled with music, laughter and endless discussions on how many possible rhymes exist for MOTHER F**KER. As Jeff and Jordan wrote, the sublime and ridiculous got together and had a cheap and torrid one night stand and while several souls were condemned to the nether regions of hell, the work was completed and a musical was born in an orgy of blood and feathers and bad bird puns. 

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